The Iona College Campus Quad

Kayla M. Kosack '17


Iona fostered an environment for Kayla Kosack to enhance and develop in leadership in ways she didn't know existed. She expected to leave Iona simply with a criminal justice degree; she left with a criminal justice, political science and security threat assessment degree. Kayla entered expecting to simply participate on the Iona College Mock Trial (ICMT) team; she left having served as captain of the team, a resident assistant, a participant of the Baltimore Mission Trip, the leader of the Ireland Mission Trip, a Kairos Leader (K13), and as president of the Student Government Association.

After her trip to Baltimore with Iona, Kayla's passion to understand the horrors of human trafficking sparked. She now works for a non-profit agency where she serves as a case manager for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence in order to create safety, reclaim equality and pursue justice.

As an alumna, she acts as an assistant coach for the ICMT and directed the regionals tournament, for the first time, placing ICMT on the map. Reconnecting with alumni during this process as they assisted in the judging process was an incredibly positive experience. She also served the Mississippi Mission Trip team as an adult moderator in June. She makes it a priority in her life to continue serving an institution that left a significant imprint on her heart, (the way Gaels continue to leave their imprint on this world), and will continue to do so through her service with the Iona College Alumni Association.