The Iona College Campus Quad

Christopher Holland ’11MBA

Christopher’s Iona graduate experience enriched his life and he is glad he went back for a master’s in Business Administration. He has remained connected to Iona through the years by attending the St. Patrick’s Parade, the Christmas Mass and as many basketball games as possible. He would like to further his connection with Iona through service to his fellow alumni through the Alumni Association.

Christopher enjoyed his time at Iona and believes that the education he received helped propel his career in the financial services industry; he believes it’s important to give back to the Iona community.

His career began as an insurance underwriter, and he made the great decision to attend Iona part-time while working during the days. His career has led him to a management level position at a specialty reinsurance company. He spends his time on client management, business development and providing capital and risk management financial solutions to clients. He serves on a few industry boards and the Board of Directors of the Celiac Disease Foundation. His hobbies include playing golf, exercise, reading, and time with family.

His Iona graduate experience enriched his life and he feels his participation and interaction with students and alumni is exactly what he is looking for to help give back with career adivce, guidance and insight into life after Iona.