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Parents and Alumni Recruitment Team

The PAIR Team provides Iona alumni and parents the opportunity to serve as ambassadors and assist in recruiting highly qualified students. PAIR Team members are unique by virtue of their experience as a student or parent and knowledge of the benefits accompanying an Iona College education. The PAIR Team is vital to Iona's success as key contributors to our efforts in maintaining the College's high academic standards. By sharing your own Iona story, you personalize the admissions process for our applicants, distinguishing the College and helping to create meaningful relationships between Iona and prospective students.

Our goal is to attract well rounded students whose:

  • Academic performance shows promise for continued academic success
  • Activities and abilities will benefit any of Iona’s wide array of clubs/sports
  • Personal qualities and accomplishments will add positively to our College community

You can help the PAIR Team through participation in any of the following:

  • College Fairs
  • Phonathon
  • On campus conversion events — Open House, Accepted Students Day and Summer Preview Day
  • Receptions for admitted students at your home or at regional reception sites
  • Letter writing campaigns to accepted students
  • Serving as advisor/career mentor


  1. Stay up-to-date on improvements made at the College
  2. Remain active with the alumni and parent community
  3. Enhance the value of your (or daughter/son’s) degree by attracting other highly qualified students
  4. Help increase Iona’s visibility at college fairs and high school events
  5. Help extend Iona’s reach beyond traditional markets
  6. Make an impact as a mentor to college bound students
  7. Relive positive memories of your time at Iona by sharing your story with prospective students
  8. Increase both student interest in Iona and the number of students eventually enrolling at the College
  9. Play an integral role in personalizing the admissions process
  10. Bring valuable and unique perspectives to the recruitment effort

To join our PAIR Team, please fill out the application.

Contact Us:

Sedona Basher
Coordinator of the Comprehensive Enrollment Plan
& Assistant Director of Graduate MBA/MS Admissions
Enrollment Management
(914) 633-2427

Office of Alumni Relations
(914) 633-2390