The Brother Robert A. Durning Rising Star Award

Established in 2016, this award is named for Iona’s beloved alumnus and faculty member, Brother Robert A. Durning ’69. It honors recent Iona graduates who have already brought acclaim to the College through achievements in their respective fields. Brother Durning was a dynamic and gifted teacher who touched the lives of many students. With this award, we honor his commitment to excellence and the pursuit of lifelong learning by recognizing these outstanding young professionals.

Name Year Awarded
Evita Robinson '06 2016
Robert P. Baldino '12 2017
Gabrielle N. Simpson '08, '10MA 2018
Kathryn Staudt '13 2019
Nicole M. Pawlak '05, '08MBA 2020
Saroya S. Marsh '10 2021
Kyle N. Granby 2022