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20 for '20

The Class of 2020’s final days on campus as a student may have ended differently than anticipated, but we all know that you never really have a last day at Iona College!

Join Gael Nation in completing a 20 for ’20!

In 20 words or less, we invite you to encourage our newest alumni to fight the good fight during these times of uncertainty, and congratulate them on their outstanding accomplishments. Your messages of encouragement will be posted on our website and some may appear on our social media channels.

let's celebrate!

20 for '20

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Mark Catuogno ’19 Class of 2020 I wish you much success in the words of Oprah " When there is no struggle, there is no strength.”
Kenneth Ali ’69 Keep Standing.
Lisa Kropilak ’03 Make it your mission to do what you love, even if it seems impossible at first! Don’t give up in these hard times. Congratulations!
Rev. Dr. Bill Hardwick ’67 Congratulations! Always remember the values that you learned at Iona ; nurture them, and they will serve you for a lifetime.
Patrick B. Fox ’70 Gael winds are strong, Iona helps us harness the wind in our sails through all the waves and storms.
Ben Piacquadio ’11 You will face many obstacles in your post-college life and God chose to test you. Be safe, be determined, and be yourself to achieve the glory of overcoming this obstacle.
Tom McElderry ’85 Celebrations will come soon. Be smart, be safe and go out and make a real difference in the world!
Katie Thomas ’09 If you use Blessed Edmund Rice as inspiration to do good works to better your community, you can’t go wrong!
Edward Quinn ’62 It's been 58 years since my Iona graduation and I have not had one moment of regret. I was well prepared for a rewarding business career .... A soft spot in my heart for Iona!
Gerald N. Porricelli ’65 The recent frustrations and disappointments you went thru in no way diminishes your accomplishments. Be proud all 2020 Gael graduates.
Nelson Estevez ’03 Class of 2020! We are all inspired by your dedication and ability to adapt during these difficult times. Congrats and continue to shine.
Amanda Scheriff ’13 Strive to be your greatest self in any path you choose! Once a Gael, always a Gael! Congrats 2020!
James McAuley ’83 For my wonderful Daughter Shannon who is graduating this year. Keep fighting as you have your whole life. Ou are amazing
Michael Novello, Ed.D., ’68 I salute you and offer you a heartfelt toast and wish that your days at Iona will bring you joy and good fortune the rest of your lives.
Edona Maracaj ’19 Congratulations class of 2020!
"You have to fight through some hard times to earn the best days of your life."
George Morris ’70, ’74MS Ceremony or not, Congratulations, and welcome to the best and proudest company of alums anywhere! Fellow Ionians, I salute you.
Joseph J. Puglia ’67 Whatever the future holds, what will sustain you is your family and your faith in God. The knowledge acquired, enables you to advance in your profession.
George T. Rickert ’71 Iona was a winner for me 49 years ago and will be the same for you now! Congratulations!!
Michael LaPerch ’79, ’84MBA As a class you will be remembered as fighting one of the most difficult fight we ever had. You have remained strong, community minded and fighting the good fight. Congrats
Ronald Triani ’78MBA Your Iona experience has made you a better person. Pass that on to everyone and you will change the world.
Frank La Pietra ’57 CONGRATULATIONS! Although you are missing the fun and celebration now; the class of '20 will always be remembered in a special way.
Thomas McGrath ’72 The education you received will be an asset to you as you enter a challenging world as it was to me.
Matt Cipriano ’06, ’09MBA Congratulations Graduates! This is an extraordinary honor, now go out and turn this world upside down and continue to fight the good fight!
Kenneth Trinka ’69 You may have the singular distinction of being the only Iona class to graduate virtually...unique and special
Sal and Carmela ’96 Pansarella Congratulations and best wishes to our niece Brianna Tagliamonte and the class of 2020! Take pride in your accomplishments!
Jack Dooley ’66 congratulations to all the 2020 graduates, and especially those in the Iona College Pipe Band!!!!
Raymond Donnelly ’63 May you always "Certa Bonum Certamen" and may your lives be filled with happiness and success in all your endeavors.
Darcy M. Katris, Esq., ’82 Congratulations class of 2020! You make us proud. We are here for you.
Jim Gormley ’65 May you not be afraid to pursue joyfully what you think is right. Aloha from Nanakuli Hawaii
Mariana (Solano) Helmold ’94 Believe it or not, some of your best Gael moments are yet to come! Once a Gael, always a Gael. ❤
Pietrina Saxton ’78 Congratulations 2020 grads. Stay hopeful, positive, mindful and kind. Iona Warriors never give up, never despair and always prevail.
Gerard Brooker ’58 You have been taught how to "Move the World." Now, just do it!
Sonia Pansarella ’05 Brianna Tagliamonte and class of 2020, Congratulations on your graduation!! We are very proud of you. You worked very hard. Keep reaching for the stars. We know you will do great in life!!! Love, Zio Joe, Zia Sonia, Alexandra and Mario
Donna Vittoria ’19 Congratulations to class of 2020!!!
A message for: Brianna Tagliamonte ’20 We are so proud of you Brianna and wish you much success and happiness! All our love, Aunt Chrissy, Anthony, Elisa, Alena, and Magnus
Dr. James J. Hearn ’72 It is only through overcoming great challenges that brings out the qualities of the hero we were meant to be.
Claire Mungiguerra ’75, ’78MBA Congrats to the Class of 2020!! The Iona College family will be here for you throughout your life but especially as we move through this challenging time. Go Gaels, we are Iona strong!!
Joe Murphy ’70 Hi 2020, Looking back with my classmates fifty years since we graduated. Like you our end terms were diff and we still talk about it. P.S. It’s a short journey to 2070. Enjoy the ride.
Erika Enlund ’13 Congrats Class of 2020 & welcome to the alumni community! Looking forward to getting to know you during this next phase of your Iona experience.
Sebastiana Tagliamonte ’92 The only way to get what you want in the world is through hard work. Iona has prepared you well - Go get them!
Anne Marie Minogue ’77 Achieving milestones in unprecedented times, individually you are stronger and together share emotional bonds that will lead to greater accomplishments!
James B. Makos ’65 Congratulations and best wishes as you start a new journey. Continue to make our world a better place.
Martin Daly ’74 Keep the Faith fellow Gaels! Your future success will be celebrated by ALL Iona Alumni! We are with You and always will be!
James ’95 and Monica ’95 Oates Congrats grads! Welcome to the Alumni Club! Always remember, Gaels rely on each other to help 'fight the good fight'.
Mark Andrews ’98, ’00MS Congratulations Class of 2020!!! Your achievement is even sweeter having had to overcome great change in the recent months. Cheers!
Alberto Araya ’99 You’re Strong! You’re Brave! You’re IONA!!! Congratulations Class of 2020!
Sean P. Fodera ’88 A "good fight" is when you are fighting for someone else, not for yourself. That's what Gaels do.
Danielle Rubino ’09 What a great day to be a Gael! First I want to start with a major congratulations! This is a HUGE accomplishment. I'm so excited to see all the places you will go. Keep fighting the good fight and COVID won't stay in your way xo
Robert Moore ’98 Class of 2020, You did not choose this, you were chosen. May the event that separated you bond you forever.
Dr. Michael J. Foti ’14 Never stop chasing your dreams, make them your reality. Today, celebrate! Tomorrow, plan and achieve! Congratulations and good luck!
Christopher Pipa ’00 Congratulations!! Best of luck to all of you on your new adventures ahead!
Rebecca E. Carvalho ’14 Cherish your memories, and remember that the best is on the horizon. You can do this. Keep moving forward.
Angela Pearson ’90, ’96MBA Cheers Class of 2020 to a bright and prosperous future! Don’t let anything get in your way as you have been well prepared to achieve greatness!
Cornelius (Neil) Finnegan ’76, ’83MS Live your life to the fullest without any regrets! Congratulations to the class of 2020!
Sydney Surrago '19 Always remember that any dream you have can be a reality because we are the force that moves the world.
Linda Bruno ’76, ’79MSEd Celebrations will follow.....go out there and take the world on. And remember....Forever a Gael. Congratulations to a very special class!!
Carlin Iannarelli ’16, ’17MBA Congratulations to the Class of 2020, especially my little brother Peter! You powered through the crazy semester. #GetThroughItLikeAGael
Jim Parsons ’82 Congratulations class of 2020! Never give up hope and stand strong! You can do amazing things for this world!
Eric Bosco ’09 I want to wish the class of 2020 a safe and prosperous future in any endeavors they may cross in life. Best of luck Gaels. WE DID IT!!!!!!
Seamus Deegan ’72MSEd You created a milestone. To thine own self be true!
Brendan Droge ’05 When you go on to do great things, never forget where you came from and how you got there! Go Gaels!
Albert Mellina ’63, ’68MBA Congratulations/welcome Class of 2020 to a long list of alum who, like you, have help build Iona. Neither wars, economic challenges nor this Pandemic shall stop us. God Bless You!
Mary Filardo Codispoti ’81 I have many wonderful memories of my four years at Iona College, so do you! Can’t take away from you! Class of 2020 is historic!
Michael Brescia ’14 Congrats everyone! Move the World! GO GAELS!!
Matthew Ricker ’18 Congratulations to the class of 2020! May God bless you always! The best is yet to come!
Donald Stellwagen ’65 You have graduated at a most demanding, uncertain time. You face a world of extreme change. I recommend you embrace change, see it as an opportunity and think about how you can contribute in whatever field you pursue.
David Tramontozzi ’09 Wisdom earned and friendships built outlast tough times. Try to do more than well; do good. Congratulations, and go Gaels!
Anthony D Tagliamonte Jr. ’91 Congratulations! Your perseverance and strength is already being tested but Iona has prepared you well. Continue to dream big and pursue your goals and may God bless you always!
Pat ’81 and Vin ’80, ’84MBA DeLuca Congratulations class of 2020! Once a Gael always a Gael!
Francis Killackey ’66 Graduates, you have excelled. You possess free will to be whom you want to be, fearing nothing. Congrats!
Mia (Tomicick) Severson ’88 There will always be challenges. Enjoyment of life depends on how quickly you get yourself back to a positive mindset.
Erin Kutch ’18 Congratulations to the Class of 2020! The world is run by the people who show up. Now go and move it!
Lawrence F. Trainor ’77, ’81MBA Remember once a Gael always a Gael and that celebrations are around the corner as this pandemic is erased. God Bless the Class of 2020 and make us proud!
Orlando Martin ’79 Congratulations Class of 2020. Please remember and use the Christian’s values that you learned at Iona College, live by and share them. They will serve and guide you through out your life. Good Luck!
Jim Kerrs ’66 Congratulations upon your graduation from Iona in 2020. Follow the strong moral and scholastic foundation that you earned at Iona and you will change the world in a very positive and profound way!
Barbara A. Berardino ’78 Congrats Class of 2020! Stay strong..your Iona community will be there to support you every step of the way! 💪❤💛
Fatima Ferreira ’89, ’05MBA Go forward and shine and be your best GAEL self. Leave happy crumbs everywhere you go. Be strong! Be YOU!
Theresa Troutman ’87, ’97MBA Congratulations Margaret McNiff and the Class of 2020! Celebrate today and in October ! "The Proof is in the People at IONA" !
Donna Saia Davis ’88 Use this time of uncertainty to figure out what you are passionate about and follow your heart. Congratulations!
Ariana Quintano ’13, ’14MBA Congratulations class of 2020! Special shoutout to the sisters of Phi Gamma Chi! I’m so proud of you ladies!
Tim Horohoe ’91  Congrats, Class of 2020. You have finished under difficult circumstances, but you persevered demonstrating that Iona spirit! Go Gaels.
Colleen Amato ’98  Wishing the 2020 Gaels all the best life has to offer. Congrats!!
A message for: Valerie Amarosa ’20 
Mom and I are so proud of you good luck in all that you want to accomplish in the future you rock!

Jessica Dunbar Farrell ’99, ’01MA 
May you always cherish your years at Iona College! Congratulations to each of you. Remember, the best is always yet to come! Go, Gaels!

A message for: Angela Nunez ’20 
Congratulations to Angela Nunez and the Class of 2020. We are so proud of you and all the hard work you have put in. We love you Uncle, Maria and Michael and Matthew.
Peter Game ’95  Congratulations!!! This stinks that there is no pomp or party but you are a special group for sure!!!! Be proud, resilient, and bring that excellence as a class to the world. It needs you right now!!! Best - PMG
Alissa Phillips ’19  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Certa bonum certamen, Gaels!